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Dear peeps,   
10:11pm 26/06/2006
  As soon as I get everything locked (which may take days because I'm lazy), this journal will be officially closed. Not deleted, just closed.

That's right. I've decided that I've outgrown it. And as harsh as it is, I've pretty much outgrown all of my friends from high school. Which means most of you. I do have another journal, but most of you do not fit into the obscure mold I've created there.

I'm very sorry, but it's just something I thought I had to do. I want to go to Oklahoma without having to worry about loose ends here.

It'd be great if I could be a lot more eloquent than this, but at the moment, I'm just not feeling it.

Just know that I wish you all well, and if you really, really need to contact me at anytime in the future, you can do it in this entry. Everything will be screened, so you don't have to worry about everyone else seeing what you write.

Peace Love Nirvana,

P.S. I may edit this and elaborate sometime because words are not my friend at the moment, and even this short post is bugging me.

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I think I should watch this show more often...   
11:38pm 05/04/2005
mood: Hehe!
"Sure some people have a hard shell, but everyone has a creamy center."
"Some people are hard on the outside and hard on the inside."
"So, you mean they're more like nougat?"
"Honey, people aren't chocolates. Most are bastards. Bastards with a bastard coating and bastard filling."

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